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when im lost on the road

so, i got the crap beat out of me yesterday. can my life just get better, please?

on a sidenote: i miss you all very much <3


I haven't been telling anyone that its my birthday, just because since im moving too i didnt want it to turn into anything.

but they found out and as i was sitting outside of work just talking with a coworker and some regulars, it turned midnight.

they sang to me

and ang texted me even though she was sitting right next to me. 

and creepy stalker wished me a happy birthday and asked me what i wanted (ew, nothing from you creepy!!)

and Zack held up his lighter for me to make a wish on.

it was a really nice way to start a day that i've been dreading.

it's like running with a fork in my mouth

People suck

People are nice

Life is fun

Life is scary

Boys are good

Boys are bad.

i love my friends.

Tackled By Beliefs

Dear Roommate,

I know we used to date, and I know how much you love feeling like you still have control over me and a say in what I do.  I follow your rules and try to be considerate of you.  I take care of you when you're sick, and do my best to be your personal assistant [ cleaning, appointment keeping, laundry, food, ect...] and pay rent to your dad and blah blah.  That said, it is in no way okay for you to throw things at me. We've been through this before, please stop.  Also, laughing when you throw things at me, and then getting really really obscenely pissed off when I throw it right back at you, is just funny.  Oh, and childish.  Telling me to "get a sense of humor"  doesn't do anything other than make you look even more stupid that you did already.  I'm really glad I'm moving soon.

No Love,



Writer's Block: BFF

Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?
My first friends on lj (waaaay back in the day of friend codes) were the lovely whimsicaltoast  and cloudmx 

I still love you guys!

do you like working for eight hours with no breaks?

becaue i don't

also, wtf you're 20 years old, throwing  tantrum and breaking things at work isn't going to get you sympathy.

it's going to get you fired.

which is what i really hope happens

basically we have this one barista L with a huge attitude problem.  She won't work register, she won't work bar, she doesn't want to do dishes or clean.  and if you ask her to do anything she either whines and bitches the entire time or throws temper tantrums until she gets her way.  Today she decided that she had stomach flu and needs to go home.  So everyones bending over backwards trying to accommodate her nd get her out of the store because we're just sick of it.  She keeps saying she has to go home because she has to throw up.  So we let her know if she has to throw up to go ahead into the bathroom and do it.

"Nooooooo!!!  I can't throw up here!! I can ONLY do it at home THIS is a STRANGE bathroom...." [forever]

#1 if you have to throw up, you have to throw up.

#2 we let her take a lunch early, and instead of finding someone to get the rest of her covered, she nd her boyfriend and some other guy were just hanging out playing around outside for 30minutes.  which of course gets everyone mad because shes been bitching about how she doesnt feel good and shit.

then this is where it gets interesting.

She comes in and is informed that she has to stay a little longer because i have to take my lunch so that the store doesnt get fined.  She throws the best fit i've seen all day.  And eventually walks off the floor and just leaves,

bitch you weren't even really sick.

thanks for fucking me over.

Apr. 18th, 2009

There's a new boy that I like.

Does he like me?

The world I thought I knew...

Mar. 25th, 2009

Remember high school, when we all used to post about stuff?

Me too.
and it all comes apart at the seams

your life and your love

your hope and your dreams

and the tension is high

but you're not going to cry, no

you're not going to die

it's no end of the world

not such a terrible thing

you still have your life

and your love

and your hope

and your dreams.